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Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Y'all... it's officially been 6 months since I cut the fuck up and left corporate america. 6 fucking months since my goofy ass said "this no longer serves me and y'all got me fucked up." I am tickled still thinking about how I legit tried to negotiate another 15K for my salary, and how incredulous they felt I was after I honored my resignation. What a fucking life lesson. To walk away from 70K because it was disrespectful to the value that I brought in that position. I left that position and learned very quickly how deeply attached I was to my career, my salary, and being externally valued. For the first two weeks of unemployment, I felt so lost and uneasy. I quit with just enough savings to float for two months lmao. In hindsight, I absolutely was out of line for not investing and saving more during my time there, but the way my mind is set up, money always shows up when necessary (however moving forward, I absolutely will prioritize saving).

ANYWAYS... In those first two weeks, I felt so anxious that my stomach hurt damn near everyday. When it really hit me that standing my ground doesn't always mean getting what I want or believe I deserve, I started feeling really conflicted, wondering if I had made the right decision or if I was having a manic episode and delusions of fucking grandeur. I'm so grateful for one of my friends, who consistently reminded me that my decision to leave was inundated with so many layers, but ultimately, it would all work out in unimaginable ways.

Week 3, it really set in that I had, in fact, turned the fuck up and that this new period of unfamiliarity could be f