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MN8Beauties in Business 


Who Is Peg?

And What is she looking at?

Peg is a dope multifaceted entrepreneur that sells vintage clothing & accessories to a the eclectic shopper.


Favorite Quote:

Warren Buffet once said, “If your not making money in your sleep, you’ll work till you die.”

Rest your pretty lil’head on that pillow!


Peg Look At That...Vintage Treasures has been collecting vintage since the 1980’s.

Attended The Art Institute Of Pittsburgh for Photography & Design. Peg also has specialized degrees in Special Education for students with severe disabilities 


Her love of vintage started with hats, and grew into decades of amazing fashion!

There is no better feeling than Making money while asleep & waking up to sales that get shipped out to happy customers all over the world!


No Brick & Mortar, all online, with 100% feedback on EBay since 2009. Find me on IG at @peglookatthat

Providing exemplary customer service, with speedy dependable shipping.

If you don’t want to look off the rack. Tired of crap clothes, then check out Peg Look At That...vintage treasure!

Swipe To the end of each listing for a garden photo. All grown in the back yard.

My Cup is full, it is my pleasure to give my gifts to others, so that their cup fills up. Reciprocating Love is real. Pass it along every day. Peace

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