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MN8Beauties in Business 

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Meet Australia Edinborough, owner of Persuaded Beauty, a brand dedicated to supporting women.  


Australia is a single mother and Texas native who consistently advocates for self-care and mental health.

Her beliefs are that self-care and mental health are relative for optimal balance of the mind, body, and spirit.

She supports women by offering beauty services, consultations, sharing a wealth of information, and providing quality products that support beauty, mental health and holistic wellness. Australia’s journey of surviving  post partum  depression has been highlighted and used as inspiration to influence self awareness in others. Additionally, Australia serves as a mental health first aid, and directs individuals to resources and professionals who are well-equipped to provide supplemental support to help them along their journey, especially when feeling mentally overwhelmed.

Learn more about Australia and her amazing efforts by visiting 

Connect with Australia on IG: @persuaded_beauty

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