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Meet Candice (they/fam/sib/love)

The Brain and Beauty behind MN8Beauty





















MN8Beauty was created to cultivate community that centers aesthetics, affirmation, and artistry!  

During their time working for various cosmetic brands, Candice learned how pervasive anti-Blackness is in the industry.  More importantly, Candice observed how capitalism/consumerism shapes marketing and product development for many beauty brands. 

One of the defining moments that led to MN8Beauty's birth happened while employed at their dream beauty brand.  Excited to have the space and opportunity to embrace their vibrant artistry, during a corporate visit, Candice was given professional feedback that their appearance, aesthetic choices, and communication style were intimidating to the intended demographic.  During the visit wrap-up, Candice was "encouraged" to soften their look and tone in order to be more approachable and profitable. 


In that moment, it became clear how Black bodies and voices are policed, further subjected to the longstanding effects of colonialism and capitalism.

Candice, true to themself and their artistry, chose instead to focus on Black womxn, femme, and folx with marginalized identities. Since its' inception in 2016, MN8Beauty has facilitated private and group artistry workshops, raised and donated mutual aid funds, and developed an ever-growing cohort of Black and Brown womxn entrepreneurs. 

MN8Beauty continues to evolve and examine ways to cultivate community to help people discover all parts of themselves so that WE can all emanate beauty.

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