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MN8Beauties in Business 

 MN8Beauties in Business is an ever-evolving initiative, and businesses of all kind are welcome to apply for membership.  Each featured business is selected based on their alignment with MN8Beauty's principles of affirmation, authenticity, and awareness. Learn more about each amazing business by clicking the button below their photo.


MN8Beauties in Business
Cohort Application

Thank you for applying to the MN8Beauties in Business Cohort Program.  Membership is free, however, there are deliverables required to maintain membership. 

Before submitting your application, please review the expectations.

-Members commit to attending a quarterly hour-long virtual mixer (hosted on Zoom) to meet other cohort members and to celebrate wins/lessons learned.

-Members commit to submitting a quarterly update (250 words or 3 minute video).

-Members commit to facilitating a free 20 minute workshop for the forthcoming inaugural MN8Beauties in Business community offering event. This event will have a recommended sliding pay scale, however, no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

-Members commit to promoting the mutual aid fundraiser (aka the dollar challenge) on Instagram. 

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