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MN8Beauties in Business 


Meet Jasmine, a proud resident and community builder in the great city of Houston, Texas. She graduated with a bachelor’s in sociology from Sam Houston State University and went on to receive her master’s in Human Services Counseling: Life Coaching from Liberty University. Aside from educational accolades, Jasmine has a heart for strategic change in communities and cultures. She is undeniably passionate about showing young girls and women that their lives are worth more than their beauty or their bodies, but that they are multidimensional and powerful world changers. 


She is a dreamer, soft-spoken yet raw and relatable and a true revolutionary at heart. She sees the world through a different set of eyes and has made it her life purpose to not only transform herself from the inside out, but create a new structure in her family line, her community and this world as a whole. Her specialty is taking a blueprint and transforming it by infusing it with purpose, sensitivity, creativity, innovation and pure love void of greed and manipulation. Her motto has always been souls over profit, and this is how she lives her life in all aspects.



Jasmine is the founder of Diva Demeanor, a 501c3 non-profit organization aimed at educating, empowering and enlisting girls and women in and through the hip hop culture. Jasmine is also the creator of Diva Coaching, an extension of Diva Demeanor, a life coaching service for world changing women. This is an affordable and authentic coaching service with programs and products laced with hip hop to impact our culture in our language. The Diva Demeanor platform and programs are always free or affordable, raw and unfiltered, gives women the freedom to be themselves in all aspects and aimed at healing and transforming our communities without losing the realness and flava of our culture.


Learn more about Jasmine's amazing platform by visiting:

IG: @divademeanor and @jasxdiva


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