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MN8Beauties in Business 

Meet Shirrelle, Law Graduate and Spelman Woman who promotes the advancement of the Black community. 

Her activism exists through her ongoing work as a volunteer with her local high school Alumni Association and by creating critical think pieces via her blog, 

Shirrelle's passion is assisting the generation behind her, and she aspires to help them to focus on self-determination through entrepreneurship, community service, and higher education through the utilization of all resources available to them, and not just educational institutions. 


Shirrelle currently works on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic while pursuing her status as an Attorney at Law.

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" is my little piece of the world.  It is a blog site that engages in critical thinking discussions in a world where social media reigns King and reality TV reigns Queen. 

It is easy for us to give too much attention to people and situations that don't really matter to the great scheme of our lives.  It is also easy for us not to pay attention to the things that have the potential to impact our daily lives, like politics and social injustice. 

In addition to my blog posts, I have an online shop with merchandise, some custom created, that promotes activism, entrepreneurship and self love.  I also provide custom t-shirt printing &  business branding services.

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