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Janae’ known as Jaee or Honey (shawty/honey) is a Creole-Gullah non-binary femme, community weaver, educator, divine spiritual artist and energy practitioner from New Orleans, LA. Jaee is currently based abroad where honey uses English and Arts education to make a difference in youths' lives. Honey uses artistry and storytelling as an impactful purpose for intergenerational connectedness, gap bridging, self-transformation, empowerment and honoring accessibility in emerging communities of color. Jaee acts as a conduit; assisting clients and the community in their personal spiritual journey that unlocks their own magical powers to align with the most authentic versions of themselves, wholistically. This manifests through ranges of energy and herbal work, material assemblages and transformative conversational spaces.

Jaee is the founder of Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary, a recently launched communitive virtual platform for sharing knowledge, projects, services and resources to weave magical communities together through centered topics around radical self-love, self-care, traveling, herbal medicine, creative workshops, and community offerings. With aligned intentions, anyone is open to sharing their ideas! You can find the platform at @sweetherb_honey on Instagram and email us at


sweet herbal honey is a virtual divine hive of folks exploring self through creative passions, personal insights and wisdom sharing through interaction. the hive opens space for seeing each other as our whole selves, with divine grace. it’s connecting with the goddess and god energy within, as well as our earthly energies for fulfillment, and recognizing the beauty in our imperfections. this shows up in affirming, supporting and creating dialogues around inner healing, universal love, herbal medicine, spiritual and art practices, mini tips, creative workshops, healing services, and community highlights. 


Janae' (Honey)

Founder, Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary


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