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MN8Beauties in Business 

Black mother and daughter

Meet Tamarra and Jasmine, the magical mother-daughter creatives behind Jazzy Lee’s Jewelry.  Together in 2018, Tamarra and Jasmine birthed Jazzy Lee’s Jewelry as a result of their natural hair journey.  While cultivating their budding locs, Tamarra and Jasmine began creating beautifully crafted pieces full of personality to celebrate their own beautiful crowns, and realized that they wanted to share their adornment with crowns across the globe.

“Our goal is to encourage the beauty of natural hair! Let it shine divine with Jazzy Lee’s Jewelry accessories.”


MN8Beauty supports Jazzy Lee’s Jewelry because it is a brand that affirms individuality, celebrates authenticity, while encouraging early entrepreneurship.


Ready to shop with Jazzy Lee's Jewelry? Head over to @jazzyleesjewelry on IG.

Website: Coming soon!

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