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Grief is a communal and emergent process

This has been the affirmation for the last two months. Although I understand death is a transition, in December, one of the most significant people in my life transitioned unexpectedly. I am so angry that she died.

To honor her legacy, I am learning to embrace grief as an opportunity to expand in community care and love. Full transparency, this is a daunting process, in part, because I feel so raw and afraid of vulnerability. Nevertheless, I know that my grief is an extension of the love we shared.

It is teaching me to be more mindful, more consistent, and more intentional about what I allow and align with.

As Mercury gets ready to station direct, I am preparing to have some really tough conversations about accountability, community, equity, and reciprocity. I hope that you also are able to reflect and make decisions that foster the loving support that sustains you in the hardest moments.

Take care ❤️‍🔥


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