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Personal User Guide

Sooooo earlier this month, I attended a Speakeasy Unconference for LGBTQ polyamorous folk. The topic was on creating a personal user manual/guide. This guide is literally a handbook on important information that I want my partner(s) to know and be able to refer to.

Here's a breakdown of my PUG:

Section I: Personal Philosophy on Relationships

Ethical Non-Monogamy/Polyamory

Relationship Escalator

Relationship transitions/Breakups

Relationship pronouns

Section II: Personal Definition of Love

Section III: Love Language/Communication Style

Love languages



Natal chart synastry

Section IV: Patterns I Like in Partnership

Section V: Patterns I am Moving Away From

Section VI: Identity

How I identify

How others perceive me

Things I value most about myself

Things that I feel most challenged by about myself

Section VII: Needs, Desires, Values

Section VIII: Personal Goals

Section IX: Habits and Hobbies

Section X: Favorite Things

Section XI: Family History

Section XII: Current Family Dynamics

Section XIII: Significant Experiences

So far, I've done all the way up to the Myers-Briggs portion of Section III. When I say I've been at this since like 6 am... bayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyybe this shit is so interesting to me lol. I've already got 11 pages of information.

In the workshop, one of the things that was discussed was who gets to read your manual, and at what point. I still don't know that I'll actually bind it up into a book, but I do know that I will be sharing this with anybody who I decide to date. I highly recommend looking into creating your own so that you can clarify and articulate the things that matter to you.

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