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Gems from Thuuuurrrrpy

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

I'm in a really funky space with this grad school shit. I feel, on one hand, responsible for calling out institutionalized bullshit and advocating for myself/my future. On the other hand, I am over speaking up, especially because it tends to lead to isolation, rejection, or retaliation.

Now, although I can reframe this to recognize the how isolation and rejection tend to be gifts in the long run, I still use therapy and innergetic/ancestral work hand in hand to help me live authentically.

Since I'm currently having a time with throat chakra and solar plexus shit, I'm glad that I have a therapist that is familiar with how energy/astrology/ancestry all intersect with regards to my mental the way that my natal Mercury and Mars are set up in Scorpio, communication and conflict are themes that often feed into one another for me. Typically, my thoughts, or how I express them create conflict,