COVID-19 Resources (Houston edition)

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Click this link to apply for up to $600 for bills and food

Another link for student cash relief

Provided courtesy of Texas Southern University Division of Student Services Low Cost Internet Assistance:

Since all classes will be going online and some employers may require our students to work remotely, students can find assistance here: I've used this one personally!!! They sent out my wifi set up in 24 hours, and I've been able to work remotely for a full week! My wifi is free for 60 days.

Rental Assistance/Utilities Assistance

If students cannot afford their rent or need assistance with utilities (Utilities) (Closed but offering services remotely) deposit-assistance.html (May provide information on how to seek mortgage assistance)

Food Assistance

Includes information for baby formula and food. Students who are parents can also check their

child’s school district since most are offering free meals for students.