3:57 am

Its 3:57 am and I'm at work. My desk is in need of some decluttering, my emails are somewhat under control, and my calendar is open in front of me.

I know I have so much to do, and I can feel the anxiety trying to I pause. I take 3 deep belly breaths, enjoying the scent of my custom blend. I am still amazed by how effective my blends have been. My personal blend is distinctive. Every morning, when I walk through the security checkpoint, I'm asked what the name of my fragrance is. I always smile and say it's a customized blend that I make...The scent is intoxicating, warm, and reminds me to align with the energies of rose and rose quartz...

Its 3:57 am, and I've made it to my office. My desk is full of paperwork that wasn't there when I left. I feel my shoulders tense up, and the beginning of anxiety growing just below my navel.

I sit down and plant my feet. I remind myself to release any tension; to let this anxious energy flow. I've learned all to well how anxiety actually serves me well throughout the day.

I'm feeling grounded, grateful, and ready to get to work. Its 4:03 am, my favorite time of day...


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