Happy Tuesday beauties! I hope you are taking care of yourself!

Yesterday on IG, I did a crystal inspired makeup look and reading to honor the solar eclipse and new moon in Sagittarius. The video is up on MN8Beauty's IGTv, and is a full conversation/reflection about navigating life's transitions. The four crystals from yesterday's meditation were Opal, Azurite, Morganite, and Brazilianite. Each crystal represents one of four aspects that influence our perception.

Opal is the crystal that represents the physical realm and the experiences we that we perceive specifically through our physical bodies. In this particular deck (The Healing Oracle Crystal Reading Cards x Rachelle Charman), Opal is a message about joy, and inviting more joyful experiences into your life. This crystal supports the entire energetic body and is a great place to start when you want to set intentions regarding personal pleasure and joy practices. Opal can be a really gentle, yet affirming crystal to work with if you struggle with going with the flow, being spontaneous or playful, and being present and grounded within the moments that bring you joy. A few questions that Opal brings to mind for me are:

What does my joy look like? How do I make room for more joyful experiences with myself and in my relationships? What are some things that I can incorporate in my daily life to intentionally cultivate joy for myself and others?

yes....sacred twerking is a valid and necessary way to cultivate joy...

Azurite is the crystal that represents the mental aspect of our experience. The mental placement in this particular spread is useful in recognizing or unpacking distorted thoughts or patterns that require our attention. Azurite is a crystal that supports the higher chakras, most specifically, the third eye. Azurite brings a message that now is a good time to observe and experience beyond your physical sight. In this deck, Azurite represents expanded awareness, or seeing beyond illusions that you may be embracing as truth. Often times, when I work with Azurite, it is to help me strengthen my observation skills and to process information with clarity, rather than through the lens of my trauma. When I feel unsure or uncomfortable, my body naturally tries support me, however because of my experience with complex trauma, sometimes my body's responses prevent me from seeing what is actually happening. A few helpful questions to consider when working with or channeling Azurite's message are:

What am I currently experiencing/seeing? Is there something in front of me that I am unable to recognize or am unwilling to acknowledge? If so, why?

The third crystal is Morganite, and it represents the emotional aspect of ourselves. It has been helpful to view my emotions as messengers, so that rather than suppressing them or feeling overwhelmed by them, I recognize them as energy in motion, trying to get my attention. Once I acknowledge the emotion and the message that it brings, I feel empowered and less helpless (my neurodivergence makes emotions feel realllllly big, and I've been working to make room for them). Anywhooooo, Morganite supports the heart chakra (the energy center that influences how we perceive/give/receive unconditional love) and encourages relationship healing. Morganite can be a helpful crystal to work with when processing uncomfortable feelings and the challenges that those feelings may be creating within your relationship dynamics. At this time, explore your relationships and identify what opportunities and challenges require your attention and to be articulated (integrating the les