Welcome to MN8Beauty (pronounced emanate beauty) 


MN8Beauty is a brand of empowerment whose purpose is to help people learn useful skills and knowledge to navigate challenging times.  More importantly, MN8Beauty is a brand of community that upholds the essence of Ubuntu, which means "I am because We are." 

MN8Beauty shares helpful mindfulness practices, metaphysical wisdom, and makeup artistry to empower individuals to make time to create looks and lives that they are excited about. 

Our ideal beauties are those who LOVE turning heads, making moves, and living unapologetically! 

MN8Beauty was birthed in 2017 when the founder began sharing their personal Makeup & Meditation sessions on Instagram.  These intimate sessions were an integral part of Candice's own self-care routine during an extremely challenging time working for a corporate beauty brand.  While trying to navigate a space that was not affirming or healthy, Candice began sharing crystal-inspired makeup looks on social media, which led to the creation of #makeupandmeditation.  Through these weekly videos, Candice began sharing intimate reflections and helpful mindfulness tools with people all over the world.  After nearly three years of growth, Candice left corporate retail and in 2020 became a full-time student and educator.  Currently supporting undergraduate students as a supplemental instructor and accessibility services advocate, Candice's ultimate goal is to contribute to communities and cultivate safe spaces for people to grow, learn, and love.

MN8Beauty is dedicated to empowering EVERY beauty, whether through a personalized makeup experience, masterclass, or chakra session. Our commitment is to create inspiring signature looks, complementary fragrances, and safe spaces that affirm your innate beauty! 

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"Bae-be let me tell you something.  This oil is on one thousand and the streets ain't ready for me.  It's so refreshing and smells like new beginnings.  It gives me a sense of peace, prosperity, love, and everything that represents me.  I literally just got it and put it on and started feeling myself and I didn't know how to act, lol.  I went into my daughters room and she says waht do you have on and I want some.  Thank you for your time and your gift.  It's me against the world in my Tupac voice.

InnerG Oil -Tamarra J. 

Bihhhhhh this oil is clearly working already.  I've had to tell two people to simmer down since we spoke!!! One of them i just met TODAY!!!

InnerG Oil- Danielle D.

"Snatch Someone's Sons Soul" oil (I named it that) decadently handcrafted with bomb intentions and vibrations by my Sistar Candice.  This scent is uber feminine and supremely magical and peep those crystals charging the "good good" on up.  Liquid Gold, bout to dab some on, hit the gym and ask for some help with these weights and holding my posture during those squats!

InnerG Oil- Gayl P

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