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MN8Beauty update

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Hey y'all. It's been a while since I've updated the blog. Needless to say, life is wild, and I'm doing my best to navigate all the changes in the midst of a freaking pandemic...

Yesterday was my year anniversary transitioning from corporate! I'm super proud of myself for walking away from something that was weighing so heavily on my wellbeing. In this year of being away, I've enjoyed reclaiming my time and investing in things that I want and enjoy. I started my grad program, learned how to live minimally, and am still figuring out next steps.

I think the most valuable thing I've learned over this year is how to trust myself more, and how to sit with the discomfort that sometimes comes with creating the life that I want to live.

I'm also figuring out what's next for MN8Beauty. Although I love makeup artistry, chakra sessions, and educating through this platform, I'm feeling really frustrated and disappointed. I realize that I've inundated myself with information, taking in so much that I've overwhelmed my ability to create and flow. That's definitely a solar plexus imbalance for me (solar plexus rules how we consume and digest what we've consumed). Information is energy, and for now, I am giving myself permission to purge what I don't need and to experience/s