This blend is infused with amethyst and black obsidian (crown and root chakra), and includes ingredients that encourage strengthened innergetic flow throughout the entire body.  This richly complex scent is an homage to all things authentic and abundant, and was inspired by Preseli Bluestone, a stone that helps us recognize the past, present, and future, while reminding us to trust our inner compass.  We are the ancestors, the present, and the future. We carry all that we need within us.  This beautiful blend is an aromatic of woodsy earthiness, and gentle sweetness that honors the strength and softness of Self. This blend is a reminder of how amazingly capable we are. You can wear this oil during your meditations, in the office or out and about, as it helps you remember to ground and release.  It can also be added into your bath water or shower for a nice start to your day.

Preseli Bluestone


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