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Black woman business owner

Meet Lanea, founder of Distraction by TIMT

This beauty is THE go to for all things adornment!   

“Where’s Lanea” is how we got to where we stand and where we are now.

Daughter, Mother, Sister, Friend, Lover in no particular order where “self” wasn’t included.

I truly love and am very passionate about using adornments and accents as mood enhancers.

We tend to live life on a “I have to be” or “I have to do” agenda but we forget about ourselves. I’m very passionate about setting the Alarm to remind yourself who you really are by expressing yourself with body decor. It’s very similar to how we decorate for the holidays, everyone’s so happy and ready to celebrate.


Everyday is our special occasion and this is what Distraction by TIMT (Trash is My Treasure) represents when she’s sourcing for the cartel. Each piece is a story, your expression and purpose each day you select “what will I wear today”We are.......


Accessory Decor plus More Cartel Leader located in the  “Universe” City  where we Adorn with purpose encouraging you to claim your higher self. We don’t just Sell Pretty stuff, it’s a Moodment for Her, Him, She, He & They.
IG: Distractionbytimt
TEXT: 412-229-7678

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